Cloud Servers: Public VS Private VS Hybrid (

Cloud computing has emerged as the game changing technology for both – the end consumers as well as the cloud sellers due to its wide array of benefits – business agility, flexibility, low costs, scalability, security and more.

But there is no ‘one size fits all’cloud solution. So how to choose the best fitting cloud for your business- public vs private vs hybrid?

When considering a move to any-cloud, carry out the following three dos for selecting the bestcloud hosting–public cloud vs private cloud vs hybrid cloud.

  1. Determine your business needs.
  2. Evaluatethe two functionally similar cloudtechnologies on the basis of those assessed needs.
  3. Align your business with the cloud type closest to your business strategy.

Let’s evaluate all three cloud platform son the basis of commonly identified business needs that an organization aims to meet in order to achieve its business goals.

  1. Budgetary needs of a business – Companies considering cost as the evaluating factor for the selection of best cloud hosting might prefer public cloud over private cloud hosting.

As cost efficiency is the key feature of public cloud. Here, you not only pay for the resources which you procure, but also reduce Capex and Opex (service provider bears the ongoing management and maintenance costs of cloud).

If, you are a large enterprise and initial hardware costs, operational and maintenance costs are no fear for you, and resource utilization is based on spikes in demand,then choose private cloud for your business.

But,if, you are an organization which needs integrated tools for huge savings in time and costs to meet dynamically changing business needs along with productivity and flexibility than choose best mix Azure hybrid cloud computing servers for your business ecosystem.Solid State Drives (SSDs) also provide for low cost Input/output operations.

  1. Security needs of a business – Most important factor which every business looks into is security.Consider your data security needs i.e. if your business applications use heavy and sensitive data, you need to maintain strict control over data or meet regulatory compliance requirements just like government, finance and healthcare organizations, then private cloud environmentis certainly the right choice for you.

In a private cloud, the storage, network configuration and the hardware is dedicated to an organization, so compliance is not an issue.

Public cloud environment is good for the infrastructures with low security concerns.But there are certain service providers like ZNetLive, who with Microsoft Azure ensure complete data security and privacy, even in public cloud server.

But, if your business needs in-house storage for sensitive and critical operations and
disaster recovery testing without disrupting routine operations then hybrid cloud is the best choice. As hybrid cloud’s private cloud element provides security for sensitive data, along with satisfying regulatory needs for storage and data handling and the utmost necessary data is downloaded by Instant Recovery for fast RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives)..

  1. Scaling requirements of a business-If Resource demand is neither uniform nor constant, in fact it fluctuates with the rhythms of your business. Thus, your business should be capable enough to withstand these fluctuating demands of your

So, determine the speed at which you must be able to scale. If you think you can predict scaling requirements of your business, then private cloud might make sense, otherwise,scaling in private cloud will involve additional investment on hardware and longer timelines.

So, if not sure of the expansion and contraction in your resource demands,then public cloud which gives infinite and immediate scalability is the better optiontodevelop things and scale your resources faster.

But for dynamic or highly changeable workloads and big data processing hybrid cloud is valuableas it allows workloads to move between private and public clouds with the varying computing needs and costs change.

Moreover you can move your non-sensitive operations to public cloud with greater scalability and keep data demanding lesser scaling on your private cloud.

  1. Privacy or sharing needs of businessIf your business needs right to install virtualization software, increased resilience and load balancing capabilities ,private network, private virtual server, and private bare metal server then, private server is no doubt , the right choice for you,as resources are not shared by any other organization on private cloud.

But instead of privacy,if, your business demands online sharing of files and documents, online storage of data and access of data from anywhere in the world, then Azure public cloud makes an excellent choice for such businesses.

However, businesses demanding techniques to protect privacy on one hand and sharing of data on the other should go for hybrid cloud servers-the mix of public cloud and private cloud.

Thus,while making a choice for cloud platforms, prioritize your needs in terms of scalability, cost, security and privacy and then make an intelligent decision regarding the best fit.

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December 3, 2017